[Network] Sha2017 – Abuse Mail (300)

Abuse Mail (300) - 62 solves Our abuse desk received an mail that someone from our network has hacked their company. With their help we found some suspected traffic in our network logs, but we can't find what exactly has happened. Can you help us to catch the culprit? abusemail.tgz 233b7cb7f8113baca2f8d29d74105887 we have 3 capture … Continue reading [Network] Sha2017 – Abuse Mail (300)

[Web] Bugs Bunny CTF – LQI_X 140

LQI_X 140 Its for your , login and get all you need task : Author: TnMch We have login form so lets start by doing some tests with curl at the GET parameter username: Nothing seems to be Changing lets try with password: Wow a custom error message? they must be filtering some characters … Continue reading [Web] Bugs Bunny CTF – LQI_X 140